Screw & Barrel Manufacturing

Screws and Barrels Manufacturing Production


Harden Industries has earned the reputation as an industrial leader in the manufacturing of precision single and twin feed screws and barrels for the plastics processing machinery industry. With the extensive experience in screw manufacturing, our screws are custom made to meet the demands of a broad range of applications and process requirements. Whether it is new, a rebuild, or a repair, you can be confident with the quality and performance. If you are looking for a competitive advantage and cost effective pricing, Harden Industries can provide the resources and expertise for your needs of extrusion processes.
Harden Industries strive to exceed client expectations with all of our products and services. Comprehensive pre-planning insures all work is done in the most cost-effective manner. Detailed post-manufacturing inspections assure products leave our facility ready for trouble-free performance. We completes orders quickly and cost effectively. Whether your factory is large or small, you can count on us to deliver high quality products, quickly and on time.
Producing Plastic Feed Screws and Barrels
Each screw and each barrel is produced through careful machining, heat treatment, surface hardening, polishing, and quality check.