Screws and Barrels for Injection Moulding Presses


Harden Industries supply bi-metallic barrel, feed screw, tip assembly, barrel adapter for injection moulding machines. Focusing on good workmanship and reliable quality, we carefully choose the design (tips and mixing heads) to match a very broad range of applications. Chrome coating of screws and bimetallic barrels are available.

screws for injection moulding machines

 Screw & Barrel Ranges for Injection Moulding Machines

Screw Diameter 25mm -150mm
 Screw Length L/D ratio 15 - 46

 Screw Technical Specifications

Steel Material DIN 41CrA1Mo7 / AST M4140 / GB 38CrMoAlA , 4Cr5MoSiVl
Heat Treatment Tempered and nitride, nitride depth: 0.5 mm – 0.7
    Surface hardness:  HV900 – HV1, 000
    Chromate plating:  Thickness 0.05 mm – 0.10 mm, hardness HV950
    Special treatment:  Bimetallic barrel
Screw straight tolerance 0.015 mm/m
Surface roughness Ra 0.4μm

New replacement screws and barrels from China for lower cost than refurbished ones. Try it and believe it, with satisfactory quality and cost saving for your production need.