Bimetallic Barrels for Wear Resistance

Harden Machinery supplies bi-metallic barrel for high corrosive and high abrasive materials. A layer of tungsten carbide alloy is pasted on the ID of the barrel using centrifugal casting process. The wear resistance layer greatly increase the life of barrels. For screws, optional chrome coating and WC spray welding on flights are available.

bimetallic barrel

 Ranges for Bimetallic Barrels

Inner Diameter 18mm -300mm
 Max Length 5,000 mm

 Bimetallic Barrel Technical Specifications

Bi-metal material 88WC/12Co
Bi-metallic layer  
    Alloy layer thickness:  2.5mm - 3.5mm
    Inner surface hardness:  HRC58 - HRC70
Applications Plastic material with glass fiber or mineral filer, PPA, PPS, LCP, bakelite, and other engineering plastics.

New replacement screws and barrels from China for lower cost than refurbished ones. Try it and believe it, with satisfactory quality and cost saving for your production need.